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Recipe: Raviolo of Burrata Pugliese

14 August 2015

Over the course of the Moretti Gran Tour we taught hundreds of students how to make an authentic Italian bowl of raviolo. If you missed our master classes, here’s the recipe – give it a try yourself!


200g “Tipo 00” pasta flour
2 Italian pasta eggs (if not available, add 2 yolks)
100g fine Semolina flour
100g Burrata Pugliese cheese (or good quality buffalo mozzarella)
75g fresh ricotta cheese
100g baby tomatoes, quartered
50g pine nuts
1 small bunch of basil
Maldon sea salt
Extra virgin olive oil
1/2 pack of butter
400ml good vegetable stock
25ml basil oil
1 cold can of Birra Moretti


1. Mix flour and eggs to make the pasta dough. Start in a large bowl and then work it on a floured surface for 5-10 mins until it feels springy and silky. Wrap it in cling film and rest it in the fridge for at least 30 mins.

2. Break up the burrata into a bowl, combine it with the ricotta and season well. Put a large saucepan of water with a small handful of salt on to boil. Toast the pine nuts in the oven for about 1 minute, taking care not to let them burn. Warm the vegetable stock in a separate saucepan.

3. Once the dough has rested, roll it out using a pasta machine, starting at the widest setting and working down to the second narrowest setting, then fold the dough up and repeat one more time.

4. With two pieces of dough, each approximately 40cm long and one slightly longer than the other, evenly space out four heaped tablespoons of the burrata mixture on the shorter piece of dough. Wet your fingers and lightly dampen the dough around the mixture.

Raviolo + fingers

5. Lay the longer piece of dough over the mixture and lightly pat it down to reduce the height of the raviolo. Then use your hand to gently squeeze out any air between the mix and the edge of the dough. Once you have the air out, press down to seal the raviolo using pastry rings or your fingers. Trim around the seal using a larger pastry ring or a knife.

6. Melt the butter in a pan then add two ladles of stock to emulsify and the tomatoes to warm through. Gently drop the raviolo into the boiling water and cook for 45 to 60 seconds. Lift them out of the water and into the pan with the tomatoes, adding a little bit of pasta water from the saucepan.

7. To serve, place two raviolo on each dish, spoon over the tomatoes and butter then top with a small handful of pine nuts, a drizzle of basil and some baby basil to finish.

8. Enjoy with a cold Birra Moretti!

Birra Moretti with Cin Cin dish

We’d love to see your finished dish. Tweet us a photo at @CinCinUK, tag us on Instagram or share your photo on our Facebook page. Buon appetito!


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