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Planning for summer in midwinter

03 March 2014

It’s actually quite difficult to work up a new menu that will make full use of the abundant fruit and veg available in Spring and Summer when you are hunkered down in the depth of Winter!  But this is exactly what we tried to do over a very wet and windy New Year.  Squirreled away in a lovely country cottage on the Sussex-Kent borders, we scribbled away making lists of possibles and probables, crossing out and starting over more than a few times.

We are still whittling down the list but as a sneak peak, look out for new Crostini flavours of Gorgonzola, pear and truffle honey or Tuna Almond pate with Pecorino cheese.  We’ll be adding to our range of Arancini with Pea, Mint and Basil as well as letting the summer fruits shine through in our Bellinis of peach, strawberry, kiwi or raspberry.

So hold steady and ride out the rain. We’ll be serving up some sunshine near you soon!

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