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New to our cheese board: Testun formaggio imbriago (‘drunken cheese’)

10 April 2017

New to the Cin Cin cheeseboard we have Testun which is a formaggio imbriago (‘drunken cheese’). Made in Piedmonte, Testun means ‘hard head’ in the local dialect.

Made using a technique established over 100 years ago, the cheeses are aged for approximately 140 days before being moved to wooden barrels filled with wine pomace from Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Barolo grapes, and aged for an additional month. The wine stains the rind a deep purple and lends a wonderful fruity flavour which melds with the rich, tangy cheese.

Testun is a fantastic cheese to enjoy on our cheese board to finish off your meal, especially with a glass of dessert wine such as our Recioto della Valpolicella.

Find Testun on our antipasti menu now and ask about our Recioto dessert wine.

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