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Join Luke Robinson, Cin Cin and Moretti as we teach you how to make a classic Italian dish

08 July 2015

Earlier in the week we met up with executive chef Luke Robinson to create the perfect dish for our Italian master classes this month.

Currently overseeing the Bonnie Gull restaurants in London, Luke will be leading our master classes on the Moretti Gran Tour through Edinburgh, London and Leeds, and is excited about the opportunity to let his passion for Italian food and cooking run free:

“This is a recipe I had the idea for whilst living in Umbria. In my kitchen garden we had loads of tomato vines growing, and I wanted to make something more refined than a simple caprese salad.

“One of my friend’s fathers is a vet, and was driving to and from Naples. Each time he would bring back Burrata and mozzarella, which had not even seen a fridge, direct from the farm, in the boot of his car. We combined these two exceptional products with another Italian staple, egg pasta, and the dish was born.

“I’m really looking forward to sharing my take on Italian cooking, using optimum ingredients in season, prepared in a way that lets the quality shine through.”

Trimming edge of pasta

Luke Robinson holding egg yolk

As part of the Gran Tour events you can sign up for our free class, where Luke will teach you how to make his inspired recipe – a dish of two handmade Raviolo, one filled with Burrata pugliese, the other with a roast tomato compote, both finished with butter sauce, basil olive oil and pine nuts.

Luke Robinson kneading dough

Shaping sheet of dough

Dough being fed into pasta machine

The dish is also a play on our Cin Cin logo with the two circular raviolo each stuffed with red and cream fillings. There’s nothing more pleasing or more authentically Italian than making your own pasta, and every night on the tour Luke will be showing you just how easy and satisfying this skill can be.

Shaping raviolo

At the end of the class you and your friends can sit down together and enjoy the fresh raviolo you made yourself and celebrate your new skills with a Moretti beer.

Final raviolo dish

If you haven’t already, buy your tickets for the Moretti Gran Tour now and don’t forget to sign up for the master class when you arrive. It’s a fantastic event where you can enjoy great beer, great food and great company with Cin Cin and Birra Moretti.

See you there!

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