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COVID-19 : a message to all our customers

27 March 2020

Dear beloved customers & supporters of Cin Cin

The last two weeks have felt like ten years trying to keep up with the landscape changing every hour and having the rug pulled out from under our feet daily. The future looks unbelievably difficult BUT there are positives.

Firstly, we WILL be back. Our restaurants are currently closed due the shutdown conditions but we are determined to open again as soon as safely possible and to come back better than ever. This time away from what we do and what we love has only made us realise how important hosting all of you feels to us. We need that back in our lives and will fight tooth and nail to have that feeling again.

Secondly, the support and love we have received from customers since this started has been nothing short of amazing. It has kept us going. Whether that has been a kind email to check in on us, a teary apology over the phone for having to cancel your booking, or buying a voucher to use when we reopen, every single thought and action has been massively important to us. We owe it you to repay that support when we are open again.

Thirdly, we have moved our efforts and commitment online. Follow us on Instagram and see what we are doing there – lots of content with recipes, chef hacks, live pasta classes and cocktail tips – and LOTS more to come. We are not going away.

So for now, stay safe and look after your loved ones. The sun will shine again and we will be back for that. That’s our promise to you.

Grazie mille

Team Cin Cin

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