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20 November 2019

Recreate this quintessential Italian classic at home with this recipe from our Head Chef, Jamie Halsall, the perfect ending to any meal, any time of the year.


600g Mascarpone
65g sugar
5 egg yolk
120g marsala
5 egg whites
125g sugar
350g whipping cream
2.5 leaves gelatine
1 packet of sponge fingers

For the coffee liquor to dip the sponge fingers –
2 shots of espresso
35g  sugar
250g water
A generous swig of Tia Maria


Combine the mascarpone, 65g sugar and egg yolks in the electric mixer and whip for 5 minutes.

Next make the Italian meringue by boiling the 125g sugar with 75g water until it reaches 118c. Use a probe to make sure the sugar reaches the correct temperature.

When the sugar reaches 115c, start to whisk the egg whites in a clean electric mixer bowl, and slowly pour the sugar syrup into the egg whites between the edge of the whisk and the side of the bowl. Continue to whisk for 5-10 minutes on high speed.

In a separate clean bowl, whip the cream to soft peaks.

Soak the gelatine in cold water and warm the marsala in a saucepan. Once the gelatine is soft, add them to the warmed marsala.

Fold the meringue 1 third at a time into the mascarpone mix. Then fold the cream through.  Finally, add the marsala by folding to incorporate.

The mousse is now ready to finish with the soaked ladies fingers.

We normally do two layers of each of the biscuits and mousse. Starting off with the biscuits on the bottom (just quickly roll the biscuits in the boozy coffee liquor so they soften ever so slightly), followed by a layer of mousse, then biscuits, then mousse. Sprinkle dark cocoa powder over the top to finish.

If you can refrigerate for a few hours to help it set, all the better.