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What I took away from the Brighton Chamber of Commerce Summit

21 October 2015

As a first time entrepreneur your head is constantly filled with questions. Is my idea any good? Will it work? Do I have the brains and brawn to deliver it?!

This is particularly the case if, like me, you are planning to leave the warm and safe climes of a career in law to literally jump out of the pan and into the fire of being a restaurateur.

So every now and then you need a little inspiration. A little encouragement from like-minded souls, a little entrepreneurial hug!

It was this that I went looking for at the Brighton Chamber of Commerce Summit last week, and thankfully I left feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the food and drink world.

Brighton Chamber of Commerce Summit

For the full blog, head on over to the Chamber website to read about how I envied the employees at Propellernet, learned about how to protect and grow my reputation from Fugu PR and, most importantly, how to create growth doing what is important to me (easier said than done, but I’m on my way) with inspiring advice from the founders of HiSbe, BrightonandHoveJobs.com and Organic Roofs.

It was the perfect entrepreneurial hug, and dare I say it, pat on the bum, that I really needed. Big thanks to the Chamber team and all of the speakers.

All photos owned by Simon Callaghan.

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