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Follow the recipes below to get your pasta dough done, ready for rolling and shaping.

Basic Egg Pasta dough:

450g 00 flour or strong bread flour sifted into a well on the bench
258g eggs whipped with a folk till smooth


Basic Vegan Pasta Dough:

This pasta dough is popular all over Italy and used for lots of pastas. If you cannot get hold of eggs at the moment, then this is a perfect substitute.

450g 00 flour or strong bread flour
200g water

Follow the same steps for the egg pasta. If the pasta feels a little dry once kneading,  simply wet your hands and continue to knead,  the dough will absorb the moisture from your hands.  Keep doing this until desired texture is reached.  If the dough feels a little sticky, apply the same method but this time with flour.  All flours have a certain moisture content so it really is down to your own personal touch and feel to judge.

Here’s the recipe for our ever popular Cin Cin Focaccia, baked daily at our Western Road restaurant:

100g levain (comprising of 30g starter, 35g water, 35g flour – mixed and allowed to ferment for 4-5 hours until very active)

300g luke warm water

50g extra virgin olive oil

500g strong white bread flour – best quality you can find

10g salt

2 sprigs of rosemary – leaves picked off

20g additional water

In the restaurant, we do not actually have a starter because our levain is constantly rolling. What we take out, we feed back in, ready for the next days bread. But suffice to say our levain is 50-50 water to flour.

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